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Robby is revolutionizing the way events are distributed and consumed.
Our core focus is making it easy to distribute, monetize, and broadcast events, driven by a passionate community of event promoters from all over the world.

Robby team

Our team is small but ambitious;the environment is relaxed and fun. We make the publication and promotion of events dead simple and intuitive.Thousands of people search for their favorite type of events on Robby.The press has taken notice and we’re developing a loyal following that is only growing…

Brice Pissard

Co-Founder - CEO

Brice Pissard

As CEO of Robby, Brice coordinates product and business development. Brice is passionate about big and open data as well as building improved web tools focused on speed and design.

Prior to Robby, Brice founded Peachphone a VoIP softphone company. He is also at the initiative of the event's open source project ESS. Brice is a ten years experience team manager and IT expert, he was onboard of several successful fundraised startups: in New York, Masvoz in Barcelona.Lydia in Paris.

He holds a master’s degree in Biochemistry from UFR Cergy Pontoise and a bachelor’s degree in science.

Don't cry over the past, it's gone. Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrived....

Greg Ricard

Co-Founder - Head of Sells / France

Greg Ricard

Regarding sells, Greg is self-educated with many interests. His experiences shows that he engages himself with passion and determination in all his ventures. Greg is a great humaniste, he belives that helpfull assistance should take more prominence in our societies.

Greg is the Mr France, managing the sells of adds and promotion's tools for local events provider. His role at Robby are crossing marketing, communication and sells development. His qualities of listening and of empathy makes him a great leader.

Greg holds a master's degree in medical imagery and radioscopy technology. He have a scientific background but also went through a sporting graduation and worked in an hospital.

Everyone should know the events that match their need and I work hard for that!...

Jade Allan

Head of Sells / UK

Jade Allan

Jade is an expert in Digital Media Sales Management with years of experiencein the biggest companies in this market. Her role in Robby consists of managing the sales forces and finding the right audience for the right market.

Jade worked previously as Digital Media Sales Manager at Yahoo! and Criteo in London. She have a remarquable ability to execute thrives in dynamic environments where the status quo is challenged and authenticity is rewarded. Jade is full of energy and passionated for new ideas, her tolerance for creative risk taking are as evident in her approach to leading teams.

She holds a master's degree in Business Administration, Marketing and Sales Management from University of North Carolina

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right...

Gabriel Shpilt


Gabriel Shpilt

Gabriel is the voice of Robby, managing communication and business relations with Robby's promotional partners.

Previously Gabriel managed the online marketing at Lecool in Barcelona, Lecool is an event portal federating events from 9 cities in Europe. He also worked as a journalist, a researcher, and an online writer for European University‎.

He holds a master's degree in Creative Writing from Humber College and a bachelor's degree of Fine Arts from York University.

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Robby investors

Robby is funded by some of the best minds in the technology industry.
We're glad to have them as supporters.

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